On February 13, 2013 was presented at Matadero Madrid my first book Postcards in the wind, more than 500 people visited the spectacular space I had the privilege of residing. Next to almost 40 writers who participated with their letters in the development of this book.

Postcards in the wind is a journey through Madrid’s new bohemia, with actors, writers, musicians… Artists all that are given to skin in the corners of the bars of lavapiés, the Latin, malasaña.  Photography and literature to introduce you to a new artistic space. Foreword by Ouka Lele.

The book was sponsored by Correos Spain, and its first edition is already sold out, although you can buy it on my website at a price of 17€., just click here and ask for it.

Editorial Publixed, 100pages. +8 postcards to share.

The click

My new book is on its way, before the end of this year it will be a warm and sinuous reality, a proposal of erotism and stories that will make you dream very wet.