Eros & Tanatos

Eros and Tanatos fight on an antagonistic map whose border is the slim line of your skin.
Death, which gives meaning to life, makes out sensuality and eroticism to deceive the romantic love that makes the human being immortal.
To elevate the spirit beyond the flesh and confront it with pleasure itself. To win the fight against a bald, reproductive sexuality, and to reach god's ecstasy, drinking the nectar right from the cup of life until it is exhausted.


Once more the sculptural dancers will be seen, this time in the THEATER OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD, and will share time in part with my other exhibition Baroque Light.

BAROQUE LIGHT, 20 to 30 de october

EROS, 13 to 16 October

Within the framework of the first sexuality congress Sexmadrid the exhibition EROS will be shown, a small piece of a much larger one that I am preparing and that will see the light at the beginning of 2017.

ART OTHER, 10 June to 9 July

The periphery is often a reason for exclusion. What is outside the centre does not count. And what is the centre? what is "regular"? what is socially accepted? Under this premise, tomorrow 21 June, the collective exhibition "Arte Otro" will be inaugurated at the Johnny Cool Art Gallery in Madrid, in which 15 artists will demonstrate through their works that otherness is synonymous with integration and that loss is in turn inspiration, because without it there would be no History and therefore no Art. Alberto de las Heras artist and illustrator, Begoña Monge, Bivivi, Borja Sandoval, El Dibujo Ilustración, Eduardo Navarro, Gabriela Raffel, Javier Jimeno, José Parra Moreno, Juan Manuel Expósito, Juanjo Cuerda, Kiko Alcazar, Raúl Urbina Photographer, Pablo Álvarez Ilustración, and Tatiana Díaz will make us reflect on the value of what is different.


Collective exhibition of a selection of international artists. I take part with 3 works of the series Baroque light.

CORPS DE BALLET, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Berlín.

An ode to the beauty of almost perfect bodies, carved over thousands of hours to achieve perfection in movement. Naked dancers dancing in front of my lens.

ESSENCE - 14/3 al 27/4 2014

A small, intimate exhibition, where I let glimpse the first step to eroticism, the insinuation as a way of telling stories.

Mexican street workers - 31 January to 28 February 2014

Millions of people go out to the streets in Mexico City to take their livelihood home, a report made at the Expo to meet a way of life.

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