Javier Jimeno Maté

I consider that my best curriculum is available in this web through the hundreds of images that integrate it, the projects that I cover and what I am able to offer. Nevertheless if you want a small review about me I leave you these lines, and for more extensive descriptions you can contact me and ask for as much information as you want.


For over 20 years in the world of photography I have collaborated with different magazines and publications, I regularly do theatre photography and live shows, including The Hole, Mago de Hoz, Evil Dead, and I have made different covers for recordings and books, the latest for the publishing house planeta. I'm currently doing advertising photography for Butragueño & Bootlander and clients such as Havana7, Ron Ritual among others.

With different prizes in my career, some of them international, has exposed my artwork in a good number of occasions individually with the exhibitions: "Photography exposed" "Fetish" "extimacy" "cops de ballet" Baroque Light" and collectively in "immaculate days" and "10 words, 2 looks" among others.

I have been published in the Mexican magazines Esquire Lat, and Deep. Being one of my reports on the 15M movement in Madrid, referenced in the newspaper el universal.

Author of the book "Postcards to the wind" edited by publixed, presented in the slaughterhouse of Madrid before more than 400 people and retransmitted internationally through the online news agency Agoranews. This book is a compilation of different portraits and scenes of the so-called new bohemia of Madrid, a conglomerate of artists, musicians, actors, etc..

Outside of enclosings, I regularly develop all kinds of photographs, be they scenes of customs, eroticism, modelling, live shows, social reporting, photojournalism, etc.