The secret garden (Secretum hortus)

“Stamens and pistils are a mirror of the human genitals.”

Carlos Linneo, father of Botanincs, 1707-1778

With this idea in mind, Javier Jimeno brings us The Secret Garden, an aromatic series of photographs that offers us a tour of vegetable lust. Javier, in his usual passion for working with light, shows us a garden of vulvas that has bloomed to the leitmotif of capturing the nude in its most secret and difficult face; close-ups of a fruit too often forbidden.

The obstacles of this photographic project are defined between the shame and the crotch. The stereotypes of beauty crush us in this century of selfies and plastic surgeries. The social ideology sneaked in between our legs and, Javier says, the complex research for models for this project reaffirms this sentence. With the courage and creativity that characterizes his work, Javier Jimeno shouts in this series of images an open secret: the strong affirmation of how beautiful diversity is.

Simple and sublime is the beauty of the lips, clitoris and perineums that Javier Jimeno’s objective reveals to us, inviting the spectator to walk through this orchard and proudly dress his genital nature.

Mar Marquez. MI YO SALVAJE

Art, pleasure and ethical conscience.