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Javier Jimeno, Fotografía profesional y de autor. Torrelodones, Madrid - 74624128-2717836751579976-1685574904751063040-n.jpg

Hello, welcome to my little space. I am Javier Jimeno, photographer since I have memory and dedicated entirely to it for more years than I dare to tell. I'd like to tell you that I'm the best photographer in the world, but I'm afraid it's not true. Yes I am a person dedicated to his work until obsession, emotional shooting my camera and everything technical and perfectionist that requires the work to be done. On this website you will know part of my work as a professional and also my most personal facet, where I create my own stories, or stealing from life those images that cross me.

Light is my tool, everything else is pottery. A good photo starts and ends in the light and there is no filter or digital treatment program that saves a bad snapshot. That's why 99% of my images don't have any retouching. I have worked and work for large advertising firms and brands, but also for anyone who goes through my studio and wants to take a unique, different portrait. My rates are modulated so that whoever wants to get to my camera can do it.

Within the professional facet you will be able to order fashion sets, product photography, family photos, babies, also your wedding photos, it would be more lacking.  

I don't typecast. I have permanently updated technical resources to meet your needs. Another of my specialties in theater photography, concerts and shows in general. Photojournalism fascinates me because it offers me the opportunity to press reality first hand, and the realization of video (musical, documentary, short film) is a field in which I have had the opportunity to capture another way my way of conceiving the image.

Do you want to know my tour in more detail?

  • With more than 20 years in the world of photography I have collaborated with numerous magazines and publications, periodically performing theater photography and live shows, among which it is worth highlighting The Hole, Wizard of Hoz, Evil Dead. I have made different album covers and books, the latest for Editorial Planeta. Advertising photography for Butragueño & Bootlander and clients such as Club Havana, Ron Ritual among others.
  • With different awards, some of an international nature, has exhibited on a number of occasions individually with the exhibitions: Exposed Photography, Fetish, Extimity, Dance Corps, Baroque Light and collectively in Immaculate Days and 10 words, 2 looks, among many others.
  • It has been published in the Mexican magazines Esquire Lat, and Deep, being one of his reports on the 15M movement of Madrid, referenced in the newspaper El Universal. Author of the book Postales al viento edited by publixed, presented at the Matadero de Madrid in front of more than 400 people and broadcast internationally through the online news agency Agoranews. This book is a compilation of different portraits and scenes from the so-called new Madrid bohemian, a conglomerate of artists, musicians, actors, etc.
  • Currently I manage the Ünnamed Gallery , a space dedicated to art and photography nestled in the heart of Madrid, 300m from the Plaza Mayor, where I exhibit my work and that of other artists. Don't forget to stop by my shop on this website!
  • Whether you want to hire my professional services, or buy one of my works, visiting my workspace is a good idea. I'm in the center of Madrid, on 2 studios street. There I have the gallery and the studio to do that session you always thought of. 
Javier Jimeno, Fotografía profesional y de autor. Torrelodones, Madrid - mg-1188.jpg
Javier Jimeno, Fotografía profesional y de autor. Torrelodones, Madrid - mg-1168.jpg
Javier Jimeno, Fotografía profesional y de autor. Torrelodones, Madrid - cueva1.jpg
Javier Jimeno, Fotografía profesional y de autor. Torrelodones, Madrid - cueva2.jpg

Are you still there? 

Thank you for your attention, if you want to know first hand new exhibitions, details of my work, special sessions, etc. Don't stop signing up for my newsletter, I promise I won't stain your mailbox with spam.

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